March 14, 2008 at 6:50 am (BL, general, otaku word)


 A brand-new genre of 萌え[moe] has come though I guess this is to be for women. Before I start with this, I should talk about ファザコン[fazakon] first. If you really really love your dad, and if you always follow such a gentleman like your dad(or your ideal gentleman), you might have ファザコン[father complex]. There’s not only ファザコン, but マザコン[mazakon, mother complex], ブラコン[burakon, brother complex], and シスコン[shisukon, sister complex]. Oh hey, if an elder brother complex, it should be equal to お兄ちゃん萌え[onii-chan moe], and if a younger sister complex, it should be 妹萌え[imouto moe].

 At any rate, if there is a better ring to ファザコン in otaku way, I would like to replace it as カレセン萌え[karesen moe]. To get to the point, カレセン means to love a middle-aged man or even a bit old man. He wouldn’t even have to be that gorgeous and handsome, but gentle and good-hearted. If he seems to be a bit lonesome, it might be much better. I’d venture to say he would be a bachelor and…sorry for saying like this, but a ダメ男[dameo, sucker]. But I can ganrantee there are a lot of girls who love such a ダメ男. 🙂

 But why カレセン? カレセン is actually an abbreviation of 枯れたおじさん専門(科)[kareta ojisan senmon(ka)]. 枯れた is an adjective form of 枯れる[wither], and おじさん[ojisan] means a middle-aged man. 専門[senmon] means fancy, taste, or your department here. In this case, we don’t say 専門, but just abbreviate it as [sen]. Here’s a little more examples; デブ専[debusen, to love fat girls only] or ブス専[bususen, to love ugly girls only].

 Anyway, 枯れたおじさん means a withered middle-aged man litarally. So why is this a new type of 萌え? What’s the point in 枯れたおじさん? The above book mentions some points like below…

a. He can make the most of his free time.

b. He looks nice on the backstreet.

c. He prefers cats than dogs.

d. He prefers a bottle of beer than a can of it.

e. He must be drinking alone at his favorite bar. At a tiny little bar.

f. He is a kind of well-informed, but he is so modest.

g. He dosen’t follow women or money so much.

h. He accepts his age. This means he doesn’t try to look himself younger.

 Come to think of it, I actually have such friends, and I like them since I can relax in front of them. They kindly listen to me, and share with me his knowledge. In BL circles, there is already a genre called オヤジ受け[oyaji-uke]. Even though I can’t think of any karesen characters in anime at all (maybe Watari in Death Note? No way.), I believe there must be girls who has a karesen taste. 

 I wish I could be loved by such a karesen girl when I get older. (・ε・) Gyaaaaaa, what if I still remained single after 40!? Okay, I shall bet the rest of my life on karesen. orz 



  1. khursten said,

    萌え~♪(。 ‘3 ‘)

    This is really something for ladies and I think it’s becoming a popular trend in BL (with salaryman mangas with lots of oyajiuke) and even with shoujo manga. Personally, oyajiuke’s are sooo cool because they’re sophisticated self-made men with cute moe~ characteristics. And all the more if he has glasses! *nosebleeds*

  2. bangin said,

    The more hopeless he is, the more you think you want to take care of him…If yes, you have so much 母性本能[bosei honnou] which means motherly instinct. Those who love カレセン might have this, but カレセン is far older than you, so eventually you can fawn upon him if you want.

    My カレセン friends are all bachelor! One is a teacher at univerrsity in Japan from UK. I used to be one of his students, but even now we still keep in touch. Yeah, he is the real karesen!

  3. w said,

    Oh shit, I think I’m a 隠れカレセン. Maybe not the drinking part, but I love it when guys stop trying to pretend they’re younger and are gentle, cat-loving oyajis who don’t try and win you over but simply want to be your friend.

    I know this sounds awfully gross since I’m only 18 and it would sound like some very imbalanced relationship, but I like *talking* to guys like that and it’s really nice to bump into people around my age who seem to act like oyajis as well. (It’s a rather rare event though)

    Bachelors are cool, imo. It’s nicer to continue a good friendly relationship for long rather than potentially ruin it by marriage – I don’t like guys who think “Can we still be friends” is a death-knoll for their relationship with a girl. Not everything has to be about marriage! 😦
    I won’t be surprised if you got married before that age though.

    Oh but I don’t like oyaji-types who are tsundere. I really love tsundere, usually, but I can’t stand 40-year-old tsunderes for some reason. I think it’s because I had a teacher who I really respected except he could be rather mean and cold sometimes even though he was a COMPLETELY different person with his kids. No matter how nice he was inside, I did not like that mean side of him at all.

  4. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Funny, when I think about ojii-san character its always an image of old man with a loli ^^
    no, not in a sexual way, I think its like those in a fairytale where the main character is a litte girl and she has an acquaintance an old man who is kind and wise.

    Well, there maybe an image of butler too but I like the relationship between oujo-sama and her butler when her butler is on the same par with her age (I guess I’m not into karesen moe then, lol) I have a lot of respect with ojii-san character though, they’re usually not so emotional, for someone moody like me its an awesome thing, I guess ^^

    khursten: so its true that megane-shounen is that popular? I’ve been wondering about that, a boy wearing glasses for fujoshi would be like a girl wearing nekomimi for otaku? lol

    w: but I thought “Can we still be friends” is always being said by the girl ^^;;

  5. w said,

    Yeah, thats’ what I mean – I don’t like guys who, when girls say “Can we still be friends”, think OMG ITS THE END I’VE BEEN REJECTED I CAN NEVER BE IMPORTANT TO THIS GIRL.

    Then again I guess it depends on which girl they’re hearing it from. But if they’re hearing it from me, rest assured it means I still think of them as excellent friends I wouldn’t want to lose to the distortion of marriage – although I would first want to question their mental health for even thinking of the question :heh:

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Yes I think it depends on the girl who said
    imho there’s SOME girl who used that kind of sentence as an excuse to reject someone in a soft way, but some guys also trying to approach the girl by become her friend first, so I think its fair enough lol

  7. bangin said,

    w: Maybe your teacher must be a 子煩悩.^^ Even at my university, there was such a teacher. He wasn’t liked by any students of his, but there’s a lot of photos of his baby in his office. He should have shown his dere-side to us.
    Let’s see, I don’t know this goes to Singapore, but here when a girl says, can we be still friends?, he would think this is her rejection. Even if he accepts it, he would have some hope in him. Oh no, this happens everywhere?

    Speaking of karesen, have you watched a film, Driving Miss Daisy? That’s very old film, but the chauffuer(Mogan Freeman) must be karesen! Though Miss Daisy is far elder than him. lol

    Neohybrid_kai: I like gentle and good-hearted characters, so I really like Hakuoro in Utawarerumono. He is not that old, but if he gets older, and his voice is still played by Koyama Rikiya, I would definitely go ask him to make friends with me. GYAAAAAAA, I think I have karesen-moe!

  8. Hinano said,

    Haha I didn’t know this existed!!
    I always thought old men who liked younger women with karesen were just erojijis T_T;
    About being single – DONMAI! You will find someone!! :):)

  9. bangin said,

    The more lonesome he is, the better. He has to be gentle, and doesn’t seem to be interested in women…(could he be…?)

    I wish I could find a girl who doesn’t mind if I am an otomen. XDD

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  11. 千の風 said,

    I’ve been thinking…maybe Ginko from 蟲師 would be a good potential カレセン?
    Or maybe not, since his white hair is something that he’s had from birth…

    This is a hard one…I can’t seem to think of any good examples from anime series.

  12. bangin said,

    Ginko could be.
    I think ポムじいさん in Castle in the Sky could be. He dwells on the cave alone, and good takes care of visitors. No?

  13. 千の風 said,

    >I think ポムじいさん in Castle in the Sky could be. He dwells on the cave alone, and good takes care of visitors.

    Come to think of it, yeah!! He definitely comes the closest to fitting the カレセン category out of all the characters considered so far. The whole “cave-dwelling loner” aspect is probably thought of as ‘romantic’ and ‘mysterious’, a big part of カレセン萌え if I understood the article correctly ^^

  14. jaredinnakano said,

    Bangin, did you see that 6 months later the Japan Times ran a story about karasen? They should have given you credit 😉

  15. jaredinnakano said,

    sorry for the typo, “karesen”

  16. bangin said,

    Hahaha, I didn’t think about this way.

    But it’s true. Karesen is getting more popular, I hope this could last until I become a karesen.

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  19. heidicrossing said,

    Jiji from Princess Jellyfish is Karesen

    • bangin said,

      Haha, how could you find such a karesen. Do you like him, huh?

  20. lalalalala said,

    I’m a karesen… I like middle aged men and I’m 17

  21. Kaiser44 said,

    I’ve bookmarked this page for a while now lol and this is a really good article! and カレセン is something that we can definitely add to our daily vocab! i’m still rough with my Japanese but learning new words is all part of it! tbh, i’m a karesen too XD ( there, it’s the first time i said/typed it!) i had crushes on older men that I really talk to, but they’ve got girlfriends/wives already. but i’m happy for my teachers though! oh, but good luck with finding someone you love too! don’t give up Bangin-san!

    haha, on the other hand, i should be looking for a stable job, not love lol

    • Kaiser44 said,

      askdhsafh geez that oogleh smiley frick OAO;;

    • bangin said,

      Haha, so you are a karesen, too! Thank you for coming to my blog, and bookmarking this post. Oh no! I wish I could be such a good elder guy!!

      • Kaiser44 said,

        You’re welcome!~ Haha, Bangin-san, you just need to be yourself!

  22. Ramona Calamidade said,

    a manga that has a tinge of this genre is Kuragehime, has a character that is unapologetically “karesen” I loved the part that she is interested in the father’s Kuranosuke

    • bangin said,

      This post came up 8 years ago, so now we can find karasen girls or such guys, haha.^^

  23. suri said,

    it’s similiar to ‘Jiji’ from kuragehime owo
    she is also had obsession for middle-aged man and old man

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