March 10, 2008 at 7:13 am (general, slang)

 Well, this is kind of a ritual in Japan, we usually decide some yearly famous words at the end of the year. It could be what a celebrity says, a politician says, or whatever. I am not interested in this kind of thing, but maybe as for the last year, it could be どんだけぇ~[dondakeee] or そんなの関係ねえ![son-nano kankei ne] or something like that. Personally, everytime someone around me recites this kind of word, I get irritated though I have to laugh formally. Maybe that’s because I detest that kind of celebrities. 😦

Anyway, something is becoming a thing among most schoolgirls. Yes, that is KY language. You know, when I was a schoolboy, コギャル語[hogyaru-go] was popular such as [chou]+adjective, [oni]+adjective which mean super- or hyper-. They used to say 超BAD!or チョベリバ[choberiba] which mean very bad. Sounds very nostalgic to me, do those recent schoolgirls still say like this? I don’t think so.

KY stands for 空気が読めない[kuuki ga yomenai]. I know you don’t say this in English like read the air(空気を読む). Er, to get to the point, it means not be able to feel what’s going on around you. It’s not clear if I say read the atomosphere, is it? On the bulltien board, it might be written like 空気嫁[kuuki yome] to ask someone to feel the atomosphere. Nah, it’s wrong. [yome] fills in for 読め[yome]. Sounds like 2ch, though.  

In this way, whatever should be abbriviated by those schoolgirls shall be called KY語[KY-go]. If they have a time to come up with these acronyms, why don’t they say it naturally? It doesn’t take time, though. At any rate, I shall list what I learned out here.

AM=後でまたね[ato de matane, see you later]
ATM=アホな父ちゃんもういらへん[aho na touchan mou irahen, I don’t need my stupid dad]
CB=超微妙[chou bimyou, very indescribable]
DD=誰でも大好き[dare demo daisuki, anyone loves]
DK=大事なところでかむ[daiji na tokoro de kamu, blow your important lines]
FK=ファンデ濃い[fande koi, very thick fundation]
GMM=偶然街で会った元カレ[guuzen machi de atta motokare, ex-boyfriend I came across on the street]
HD=ヒマだから電話する[hima dakara denwa suru, I shall ring you because I am free]
HT=話ついて行けない[hanashi tsuite ikenai, I can’t catch up with you]
IT=アイス食べたい[ice tabetai, I want to eat ice cream]
IW=意味わかんない[imi wakan-nai, it doesn’t make any sense]
JK=女子高生[joshikousei, schoolgirl]
KZ=絡みづらい[karamizurai, (someone is)hard to understand]
3M=マジでもう無理[maji de mou muri, I can’t endure anymore]
MK5=マジキレる5秒前[maji kire ru 5(go) byoumae, 5 seconds prior to my breakdown]
MM=マジムカつく[maji mukatsuku, really piss off]
ND=人間としてどうよ[ningen to shite douyo, as a human being, what do you say about this?]
NW=ノリ悪い[nori warui, (someone is)not enjoyable]
PK=パンツ食い込む[pantsu kuikomu, pants bite into my…]
PSI=パンツにシャツイン[pantsu ni shatsu in, (sorry, I will explain later)]
TD=テンションダウン[tenshon daun, lower my spirit] 
TK=とんだ勘違い[tonda kanchigai, what a big misunderstanding]
WH=話題変更[wadai henkou, change a topic]

 As for パンツにシャツイン, this embodies a geek’s typical conservative looking such as akiba-kei. A shirttail tucks in the trouser. This is not something most people think cool. 

 They make me giggle, but I am pretty sure they will all fade away as time goes by. But for now, why don’t you try it out if you happen to be a schoolgirl? 🙂 



  1. double said,

    I can’t believe all this abbreviations. And to think I thought that the abbreviations that we use in English are bad enough.

    Do they speak like this too? Like inserting multiple abbreviations into normal conversation, just like how people insert LOL or WTF into their speech.

  2. bangin said,

    Probably, yes. But mostly I guess they rather use when they e-mail or something like that. In conversations, at least they would say あいつKYだからさー[aitsu KY dakarasa, He is KY, you know.] I don’t think WH is useful in conversations.

    Oh, meanwhile I only know lol, LMAO, xxx, and OMG. What does WTF stand for? And if you know more, could you tell me please?

  3. double said,

    Wow, using english alphabets together with Japanese would definitely sound weird.

    And erm.. WTF is actually vulgar. It actually stands for what the fuck. You might wanna censor the last word if it’s too vulgar for you.

    As for other abbreviations,

    IRL = In real life

    IIRC = If I remember correctly/clearly

    ROFL = roll on the floor laughing

    WTH = what the hell

    That’s all I can think of now. The rest that I can think of are all vulgarities. Sigh, I’m such a vulgar person >_>

  4. bangin said,

    Wow, those are very informative! Thank you, thank you! ^^

  5. w said,

    Hm, some useful ones (I don’t know if you already know them) in English used widely on the net also include…

    AFAIK = As far as I know
    TBH = To be honest
    IMHO = In my honest opinion
    IANA(X) = I am not a/an (x)
    OTOH = On the other hand
    FTW = For the win (like… Cats ftw! Meaning cats are awesome. No, it’s not grammatical)
    TLDR = Too long, didn’t read
    J/K = Just kidding (I keep mixing this up with JK = joshikousei)
    NSFW = Not safe for work

    Abbreviations are fine and perfectly cool! But I greatly prefer the kind that’s prevalent in everyday Japanese – stuff like pasokon, gurasan, etc. I think they’re awfully cute. These English letter ones are too hard to guess (although KY really has caught on, you would be KY if you had to still ask what it was in front of others!)

    By the way, who was it who said どんだけぇ? I find it a bit of an annoying word but I didn’t know it was from a comedian (but the そんなの関係ねぇ one, is it from the guy who then does that dance with Hai, oppappi! ?)

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I think so too, the way those word are “cut” is too short
    “hima dakara denwa suru” in here would be HDDS (just like ROFL = roll on the floor laughing)

    and the choice for abbreviations is weird too
    I mean aisu tabetai? lol, is it that really important to be abbreviated? ^^

  7. bi said,

    Ahaha, 3M is an interesting one!
    But seriously, they are too hard to remember and sound so useless. Then again, I used to do a lot of silly useless thing when I was a teenager, so I guess it’s ok…

    Like w, I am very curious to know where どんだけぇ~ came from °_°

  8. bangin said,

    w: I know none of them. As we Japanese have a lot of abbrs like KY, you do as well.
    So informative, thank you very much.^^ I had no idea no matter how much I tried to guess. They are not temporary like our yearly trend words, are they? Since when people started to use these abbrs?
    Pasokon can be abbreviated more as paso. I can think of puresute(Play Station), matsukiyo(Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a drug store), or sutaba(Starbucks).

    どんだけぇ? actually origins from what the dark-skinned middle-aged celebrity, IKKO said. In fact, I didn’t even know about this, but I heard this a lot around me. So I finally learned where this came from. I wonder if she is actually a comedian…no, maybe no. And as for そんなの関係ねえ!, you are right. It’s 小島よしお[Yoshio Kojima]. Umm, it’s really annoying. It’s not very funny at all! Not only him but also any other recent comedians are like this. Weird looking, weird words, weird costumes can get a lot of people such as 若井おさむ[he only mimics Amuro Ray], 小梅太夫[he only shows up in Geisha’s outfit and shouts チキショー], タカ&トシ[they just repeat 欧米か!], ムーディ村山[he only sings a boring song], にしおかすみこ[she shows up in a S-queen], or 桜塚やっくん[he only shows in a delinquent schoolgirl’s outfit]. It tires me, and お笑い is getting less interesting because of them.

    Neohybrid_kai: Yeah, why do they have to say IT when they want to eat ice cream? If it counts as a KY launguage, can L say like MIT[maccha ice tabetai, I want to eat green tea-flavored ice cream]?

    bi: Even though there is a dictonary like above image, it would go to waste a couple of years later.
    Come to think of it, one of those Lucky Star songs, there is どんだけファンファーレ. Ugh.

  9. khursten said,

    For a moment… I thought you were talking about something else with KY (It’s fujoshi related… don’t ask. ;A;)

    On the other hand, here’s another one…

    STFU = Shut the F**k Up

  10. bangin said,

    Huh? What is it? I have no idea…answer on your blog, then. 🙂

  11. khursten said,

    Ah~ ky is a type of lubricant in the US. Conscientious American fujoshis who write dream BL stories (fanfiction) will make their characters use KY (lubricants) in their fanfics. lol. I think they kind of understand that having a yaoi no ana is fictional and most likely would need KY to uhmm… “loosen up”


    TMI means… “Too Much Information” XD

  12. bangin said,

    WAHAHA, I didn’t know about that since there’s no certain brand of lubricants coming up in Japan’s BL stories AFAIK, Mostly they don’t use anything(you know how yaoi ana functions, ne?) or at best even skin-care cream or something.

    No TMI. I have to know anything. XD

  13. Neohybrid_kai said,

    whoah its the first time I hear about that ^^;;
    oh lol now I know too much

    btw I remember another one too
    CMIIW: Correct Me If I’M Wrong (I think you might want to use this one a lot, Bangin-san? ^^)

  14. khursten said,

    @bangin-san. I’ve seen one where they use kewpie. Yup. kewpie. ;A; For a month I couldn’t eat kewpie without thinking about that scene. (It was a bad BL too! ><;;)

    Unlike before, quite a lot of BL mangakas nowadays take time to draw 1 or 2 panels for the KY (lubricant), especially those that are riiman mangas. ❤ ❤

  15. bangin said,

    Neohybrid_kai: Yes! I think this is what I should use the most because I always make a mistake. ^^

    khursten: Kewpie? You mean, mayonnaise? Ugh, that’s too bad. XDD
    HAHAHA, リーマンものは…なんとなくそんな気がする…
    But wait, if the two riiman are so young and handsome, that should be fine. Maybe I guess those riimans must be oyaji, no?

  16. joe said,

    LOL (laughing out loud) = ROFL (rolling on the floor, laughing) = LMAO (laughing my ass off) = ROFLMAO (combo)

    heres the fun part, though. due to the prominence of these acronyms, there are some nonsensical corruptions of them which have become memes.

    roflcopter (
    lollerskates (

    and heres a random one for fun (NSFW):

    i have seen w (or wwwwwwwwww) used in japanese in the same way that lol is used in english.

    one of the scariest and funniest acronyms is ASL or a/s/l . this stands for “age, sex, location?” and is used mostly when attempting to hit on somebody online. it has become associated with internet predators and pedophiles.

    tbh (to be honest), the best way to learn the tla’s (three letter acronyms) is to go chat on irc (internet relay chat) with a friend and ask them when youre not sure about something.

  17. bangin said,

    Yes, when I watch youtube, a lot of acronyms can be found on the comment board. I always get confused. I don’t have much chance to chat online lately.

    ASL is scary, ugh. But thanks for teaching!

  18. khim said,

    I learned some of these in an episode of Tamori no Japonica Logos

    who guess i will learn more here ^^)

    BTW, did you also post something related to board slangs?

  19. bangin said,

    No, I don’t have much time to follow 2ch lately, but the only thing I learned is wktk[ワクワクテカテカ, wakuwaku tekateka].

    When you get excited, it is supposed to be used. 🙂 In English, at best I know OMG, LMAO, and lol…

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