沢尻方式 [sawajiri houshiki]

February 29, 2008 at 2:46 pm (general)

Koda Kumi is apologizing in public.

 This post relates to my previous post.

 Nah, it’s what’s called, a chain reaction? The same nightmare happened to another diva, Kumi Koda[倖田夾未]. If you happen to follow Japan’s entertainment industry, you might be sure of what has happened to her. In the radio talk show, when she talked about her assistant who got married, she said, “Well, I hope his wife could give birth untill she turns 35, because amniotic fluid would go bad after 35…” She never thought about this way, as a result she got blamed by a lot of women who are over 35 and single. What she said is not medically true, so even Dr. Nishikawa (she is 36) got upset about this. That’s strange, she used to be blamed because of her rude saying, ブサイクは生きる価値無し[No ugly people deserve to live]. At any rate, she had to apologize in public with tears…like Erika did so. In this way, apology followed showfolk piss people off shall be called 沢尻方式[sawajiri houshiki]. 方式[houshiki] means a method. Erika currently has no jobs because of her mistake, and Kumi had to cancel her promotion for her latest album (but she will do her live tour). Umm, she politely apologized, though…let’s say like 地雷を踏んだ[jirai wo funda]. 地雷[jirai] means a mine, and 踏んだ[funda] means tramped. To make a blunder when you speak is, we say, 地雷を踏む[jirai wo fumu]. Yes, we don’t know where exactly a mine is, but if we tramp it, BOOOOOOMB!

Like Sawajiri apologized in front of the press...

 Anyway, she had a huge reputation as a diva, everyone used to highly appreciate her. But what? Once she made a blunder, people has ostracized her…A tiny word could change everything, and destroy everything…even long-lasted reputation. Oh no, it’s like the famous word of destruction in Castle in the Sky, isn’t it?

 This almost happened to our idol 中川翔子[Shouko Nakagawa]. But she is okay, she just said the wrong information. Even that, she politely apologized…and the anchor apologized next…Everyone seems to be so careful, ugh. There’s often an old saying, 口は災いの元[kuchi wa wazawai no moto, Least said, soonest mended]. Yes, indeed.

 The day I would apologize to you would come someday??ガクガクガクガク(((;゜д゜)))ブルブルブルブル

 By the way, you can watch her apology here.



  1. double said,

    It’s really tough work being a celebrity. But with that hard work and stress comes good pay and fame. I guess that’s the price to pay.

  2. w said,

    Pssst, it’s “mine” (地雷) not “mile” (里)

    They even reported the amniotic fluid thing in the local papers (just a tiny article though). I remember it being all the rage on Itai News… Pissed-off oba-sans are no small matter. ((;゚Д゚))

  3. bangin said,

    double: When they make a mistake, it would be over. And with this scandal, some people would be trying to snactch her everything…She is such a famous diva, that’s why. Ah, what a dark world!

    w: ガーーーーーン Oops, I did it again. The right time has already come, ugh. I am sorry. Kumi should have apologised in front of all the press. She actally showed at the certain program, and didn’t show in any other TV programs. That made those media folks very angry. So it’s getting harder for her to get a new job. Umm, no matter what, she already apologised, though…

  4. dipta said,

    Yeah.. but I also think that many people who actually don’t live in Japan, are not famous nor have a reputation to preserve, would never say something like this in public.
    I mean, how could she??

    I feel sorry for her, basically for being naive and ignorant, and for the proportions the whole scandal took (maybe deeply affecting her career), but she’s not on the right side either.
    It may seem unfair, but people on her position are not allowed to make this kind of mistake. She knew that. Or did she?

    Anyway, her real fans probably already forgave her.

  5. bangin said,

    She used to do a tough talk a lot, but this time she went too far. She didn’t realise how those words insulted a group of people.
    Anyway, she already apologised, so I think people should let go of her. 😦

  6. Eiko said,

    Aahah, if people from the star business in my coutry (Italy) would have to apologize for any of the terrible things they keep saying/doing in talk shows and such, life would be awful for them indeed. ^^;
    Instead, it seems like that, the more they break the law, the more they become popular.
    Japan’s star system is much more believable than this (I guess in a way it’s closer to Disney’s star system). If you break the law, even in a small scale, your reputation is seriously damaged. Although, well… I don’t think Koda Kumi meant anything bad with what she said. It is true, however, that a woman’s “best” fertile moment is until her 30ies. I don’t know if it’s just a convenient way-of-saying actually, since I know many women who had perfectly healthy children and were past their 40ies (my grand-grand-mother was one of them, she had my grandfather past that age!!).
    Anyway, thank God Italian vips never went as far as saying: “ugly people don’t deserve to live”. The person who’d say such a thing in public’d deserve to be beaten to a pulp, at least in my opinion… ‘ v ‘ <- *quickly apologizes for what she's just said before any drama issues* www
    Thank you Bangin-san for providing us with slang words all the time – without you I wouldn't have been able to translate properly from the Japanese so far! ^^

    • bangin said,

      You are welcome.
      We have to be careful for what we speak in public, or in private. Words could destroy everything right away. It’s like a double-edged sword.

  7. Ceath said,

    What I don’t understand is how come she got away with saying ugly people have no value while the amniotic fluid caused such a big fuss? Isn’t the ugly people remark much harsher and affects a bigger group of people?

    • bangin said,

      Good point. I think that is because the point depends on a person.

      I mean, if you get upset to hear someone saying ugly people have no value, that means you admit you are ugly, right? Even if she is really ugly, she would not be ugly to herself unless she knows her place. However, what Koda said absolutely targets any women over 35, that is why it caused such a big deal.

  8. Arikoto said,

    口は災いの元[kuchi wa wazawai no moto, Least said, soonest mended]
    That’s true.
    This post remind of Sharon stone and what she said about Sichuan earthquake as “karma” for the Communist nation’s treatment of Tibet and the Dalai Lama. She is quite daring when she target the whole country. 😀

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