サムライガール [samurai girl]

February 13, 2008 at 6:06 am (otaku word)

  Is this a new type? Come to think of it, we could find this kind of girl in a bishoujo anime or game. If she is good at some martial arts (mostly kendo or kyudo[Japanese archery]), and always holds a bamboo sword or a real sword, she could be labelled as a サムライガール[samurai girl]. There’s no need to explain this, but samurai is a Japanese warrior and fights with a sword. For some reason, her hairstyle might be ponytailed and mostly she has a very long hair. The rumor has it that the ponytail could stand for a samurai‘s ちょんまげ[chonmage, “topknot”].

 Usually, she could be a girl of few words and stay cool most of the time. Yes, she wouldn’t be so good to you first. Rather, she seems to have a reason why she has to do so. Of course, she doesn’t seem to do good even with any other girls…so she might be isolated. If you want to pursue her, don’t give up no matter how cold she is to you, and figure out the reason why she is fighting. In other words, make sure you disarm her, otherwise she would be very nervous. When she gets disarmed, she would burst into tears! I guess this moment would turn you on…Nah, this is something like クーデレ, isn’t it? The difference should be that she must hold a sword (or maybe other weapons). I assume she needs to protect herself, so that’s why she must hold a sword. So long as she does so, she can stay cool. Even though she looks strong when she is fighting, she might be screaming inside…Ah, disarm her right now, she needs you! Just kidding. :p

 Well, speaking of a サムライガール, I can definitely think of Kawasumi Mai [Kanon], Sharon [Words Worth], Shinohara Izumi [Doukyusei 2], and…maybe Yuyama Kakunojou in the final episode[Bakumatsu kikansetsu irohanihoheto]. I think more samurai girls will show up in the future. But wait, how come then this type of boy doesn’t show up in a bishounen anime?


  1. Crisu said,

    Not necessarily “samurai” girl but any girl with a sword-like object rocks. This way you can throw in Bamboo Blade.

    And I remember Hazuki from Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito. She was awesome.

    And you didn’t mention Shana. Shame on you.

  2. bangin said,

    Indeed, stupid me! Why did I miss Shana? Oh heavens!

    Ah, Yamibou! I have heard of it. It’s an adult video game, right?
    Well, so then Ryuguu Rena in HIgurashi no naku koro ni who has a hatchet counts?

  3. w said,

    I’d venture to say that this genre of girl is most popular overseas (esp. in the West) 😉

    In my mind, the quintessence of samurai girl is Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire (Blood+ was boring!)

  4. ルルーシュ said,


  5. Crisu said,

    @bangin: Yamibou is an eroge, yes, but there was a non-hentai anime made based on it.

    Rena, hm… Nah, the hatchet’s too short. I won’t count axes or knives. Otherwise we’d have to put School Days on the list, and those girls don’t really fit the archetype as well.

    Maybe Bamboo Blade won’t work after all since they’re just training or competing with their shinai. They don’t aim to fight for real or kill with their kendo, so… And it’s the killing aspect that makes our samurai girls so attractive.

  6. bangin said,

    w-dono: This is my guess, so I am sorry if I am wrong…May I say this type of girl might be more popular in such a country where women are more independent? And here in Japan, among even girls, this samurai girl is very popular. Women want to fight against evil, too? 🙂

    ルルーシュさん:剣心は本物の侍だからなぁ…でももしるろ剣の夢小説とか同人誌とかで学園化とかをやったら、もしかして剣心は学生服を着ながらも剣を持ってるかもしれませんね。学園化は同人界ではお約束だからなぁ。:) あ~やる人いそうこれ。

    Crisu: Sounds like Air or Kanon from key works. I should watch that, too.
    Yeah, School Days could count, too if Rena counts. But Kotonoha-sama grabs Sekai’s wrist right away when she is about to take out her knife and slays her…I think she is used to fight, so if she holds a sword, she could be a samurai girl, maybe?

    Okay, fight for real…so she is entitiled to be a slayer sometimes!

  7. khursten said,

    lol. I was also in the same breath as ルルーシュさん, thinking about Ruroken charas like Kaoru. But lol… I guess this only applies to school girls. 🙂 For a while I was also thinking of Sakura Taisen’s Sakura Shinguji.

    As for me, I like Samurai Boys… maybe Kendo boys. 🙂 I still love Arima Souichiro to this day~ ❤

  8. ルルーシュ said,



  9. w said,

    Is it correct to equate “○○界のお約束” to “cliche of ______”? Most fanfiction/art invariably includes some work where everyone’s in a school setting… It’s almost like the fanfic world has an unspoken “promise” that hasn’t been broken (except for really obscure fandoms).

    And Y-dono (can I ban you from attaching a -dono suffix? Then I’ll stop if you like.) I think it is true that the Samurai Girl stereotype would be a lot more popular in countries that favour strong, independent women. But there’s also an element of exoticism in this, I think. Sometimes there is just that “zomg COOOOOOL” aspect of seeing a Japanese schoolgirl holding a katana, rather than just a strong girl. I have to admit, I think the katana and sailor uniform both are images that had a very strong impact on me and a combination of both is irresistable. Oh no, I’m sounding like an otaku… wait, how is this surprising.

  10. bangin said,

    khursten: Ah, Arima-kun is a kendo boy. But come to think of it, no bishounens do judo…Umm, judo gives a too manly image, I assume.
    Oh, I almost forgot Magic Knight Rayers! I like Umi-chan. lol

    ルルーシュさん:w殿が言っているように、「お約束」というのは、cliche, clichedと同じような意味があります。もう何度となく使われてきたやり方、話の展開などを意味する時、「お約束」という言い方をします。ただ約束と言うよりは、「お」をつけて言った方がいいようです。おや、これもすでに「お約束」ですね(なんか古泉みたいな言い方だな…)同人誌や同人ゲームで、その作品の舞台を学校にして、キャラクターを学生にするやり方を「学園化」と言いますが、この手のやり方はもうずっと前から使われていて、すでに「お約束」になっているということです。




    w-dono: Yes, you’re right. I was wondering, but are you learniing Japanese? You seem to understand what I say…Anyway, you can drop suffix -dono.^^
    Come to think of it, a friend of mine was working on the fan-made Saint Seiya game’s senario. In the game, the setting is school…What if Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto got “school-nized”? Youjiro is such a samurai boy and likes Kakunojou…but one day Kanna comes to the class as a transfered student from UK, being hosted by Soutetsu(as a teacher). Obviously, he becomes a rival in love…Ah, anybody, stop my hallucination!

    Oh, I shouldn’t forget Yoko in Twelve Kingdoms(十二国記). So a schoolgirl and a katana bring about a great chemistry!

  11. ルルーシュ said,




  12. w said,

    Y-dono: I am not dropping the -dono until you drop it too! :p
    And yes, I am sort of learning Japanese. I have never formally learned it, I just casually pick it up. I can understand what you’re saying here perfectly well (ワイ・ドノ(笑)が「お約束1」の例でおっしゃった展開は、あまりにベタ過ぎてもう適用されていないではないかと思っていましたんですね。糞ゲーとグゥみたいなパロディー場合以外ではまだあったらびっくりですね。だが転校生のステレオタイプはまだ健在ですよね・・・まぁ、転校生というのは魅力とサスペンスがあるから、パターンになってもしょうがない。)


    And I can’t believe I forgot Yoko either!!

  13. bangin said,


    At any rate, I think maybe five Singaporean have visited this blog so far, and most of them seem to(or actually do) learn Japanese! Is Japanese that popular in Singapore?? I know some of my English teachers have been in Japan for years, but none of them can speak Japanese. But neither you nor ルルーシュさん is here, but you two can handle Japanese. スゴい!

     Haha, yes, no 1 is not accepted anymore. Well, I think I can make a post on お約束 and ベタ…thanks for the tip. ^^

  14. ルルーシュ said,


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