[Trial] 歌唱戦士Gundam Seed [kashou senshi Gundam Seed]

February 10, 2008 at 8:56 am (general, otaku word)

 As I have said here, I finally took up AVplaya-san’s suggestion. So this is the new service on the karaoke equipment DAM[第一興商], 歌唱戦士Gundam Seed where those characters in Gundam Seed shall evaluate your singing. I choked a bit, but did my best(maybe?)…Anyway, let’s see how it goes together.

 First, you shall choose your mobile suit before you sing. I selected the freedom Gundam[フリーダムガンダム, from the second one on the below line], and next you can choose a song you want to sing. But in this service, the songs you can enjoy are mostly from Gundam Seed or Destiny. So I selected Kira Yamato(Hoshi Souichirou[保志総一郎])’s Tomorrow

 Putting aside my terrible singing, this movie is awesome. I really appreciate how well they edit some nice fragments of those scenes as a karaoke video. Okay, before you depart, Lacus says, 必ず戻って来て下さいね、私のところへ[kanarazu modottekite kudasaine, watakushi no tokoro e, “Please come back to me”]. And after you finish singing, someone shows up and evaluates. In this video, Shin Asuka said, こ、これほど腕を上げてるなんて・・・![ko-korehodo ude wo ageterunante…!,”I-I didn’t know you have improved your singing a lot!]. Well, thanks for the compliment. (・з・)

 You can print out your result. Who shall evaluate your singing is actually at random. There are numerous messages from characters, so it would tempt fans to collect all the messages.

 If you come to Japan and happen to be a karaoke fan, why don’t you try this?

 BTW, for more information about the lyrics and the translation, you can see here.

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