[Intermission] 少年犯罪とヤンデレアニメ[Juvenile crime and yandere anime]

January 30, 2008 at 12:28 pm (general, otaku word)

 Well, I have heard hundreds of times that there has been a lot of serious juvenile crime(shounen hanzai) lately in Japan. I know this is not a good thing at all, but I am getting bored to hear this kind of news. Mostly, children murder either their mothers or fathers…otherwise both, otherwise thier siblings. And when it goes too far, they might burn down a house. But minors shouldn’t be identified, and anyone who is under 14 can’t be punished by law. It’s too lenient? Anyway, if you have watched the most awesome yandere anime School Days, you would be sure of nice boat! the final episode was postponed because of the incident where a real schoolgirl killed her father with an axe. How come recent schoolgirls can handle such a heavy weapon? So most School Days fans got disappointed in the end. Umm, whether such an incident happened or not, the episode shouldn’t have been on the air…I think.

 But the press(or parents) always says the same thing, I mean, they immediately blame such a yandere anime or game everytime such an incident happens. Well, to be honest I don’t think so. I assume most sheer yandere fans are not so ridiculous that they can realise the reality. I daresay such murderers would be either really mental or too suseptible. Besides, some of them would love to write a fantasy novel. In their novels, they would create a violent story…I am not pretty sure they really get brainwashed by yandere anime, but the thing is, why should yandere game or anime be blamed first? In a soap opera, more violent things happen, though. I am not a yandere fan, but too bad, the more such an incident happens, the more yandere stuff might be blamed…Anyway, I hope nothing would happen in the real world just before the yandere episode is on the air. No more nice boat!(`・ω・´) 

 By the way, I found an interesting site. You can check how much possibility to be yandere you have. This questionnaire consists of 30 questions. If you understand Japanese, you should try it out. I think I would translate it for anyone who doesn’t understand, but wait for one more day. I tried it out, but the results is…

 My score is 52, and it says You are becoming yandere. WHAT!? Whether you will be or not is up to you…No way! I don’t believe it! Well, you can get a certificate.

Oh why?




  1. w said,

    I got 40 on the dot. Only a little bit yandere… Well, that’s okay. I don’t know what I’d be but some people say I’d be tsundere… but if I agree with that classification that makes me less tsundere. :p

  2. drmchsr0 said,

    Actually, if you ask me, I think it’s because Tokyo is getting way too crowded.

    There’s only a certain amount of people that landmass can support and Tokyo’s finally seeing the results of too many people crammed into one place.

    The land has a finite carrying capacity, and once you exceed that, things are going to get ugly. People don’t like being crammed in small places, see…

    This is just the beginning, mark my words. There’ll be more to come.

  3. bangin said,

    w-dono: Oh, you got 40? 🙂 This questionnaire is something like a head shrinker uses, though. I want to check my otomen level. 🙂

    drmchsr0: Yes, this is what’s called a chain reaction. There will be more to come. One murder leads to another…Oh no, when does it stop?

    Murder happens anytime and everywhere, I guess the press overwhelmingly highlight such young murderes and desperately speak of it…And in many ways, it might motivate those suseptible somehow.

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