そっち系 [socchi kei]

January 25, 2008 at 6:40 am (general, otaku word)

 Well, if you happen to learn Japanese, you would be sure how roundabout this language is. Yes, we Japanese tend to say things ambiguously at times when we are not willing to tell directly. But actually such Japanese would become convinient somehow wherever you place yourself. At any rate, this term is kinda useful. Whether you live in the otaku circle or not doesn’t matter. But know this term varies the meaning depending upon the context…

 So breifly, そっち[socchi] means the other way of it, the opposite of it…something different from what you say or like. Also, this could imply something you are not willing to say. Ugh, I can’t explain well. Anyway, I shall write down some examples…

1. A: 俺、ツンデレ萌えなんだ。 だから涼宮ハルヒとか惣流アスカラングレーが好きなんだ。お前は?[I have a tsundere-moe, so I love Suzumiya Haruhi and Souryu Asuka Langley. What about you?]

    B: えっと、俺は言葉様とか竜宮レナが好き…[Well, I love Kotonoha-sama and Ryuguu Rena…]

    A: もしかしてお前、そっち系?[Don’t tell me that you belong to…socchi-kei?]

  B: うん、そっち系。[Yeah, right.]

 In this context, this そっち系 obviously means a yandere-moe.

2. A: やっぱり死種ならディアイザよね。[Among those characters from Gundam Seed, it should be definitely Dearka ×Yzak, right?]

    B: えー、あんたってそっち系なの?あたしはイザディアなんだけど。[Geez, are you in love that socchi-kei? I love Yzak ×Dearka, though.]

 As you can see, this conversation takes place between two fujoshis. In this way, if your friend loves the switched pair of your favorite pair, you could say そっち系 to mean that pair.

3. A: 君、かわいいね。抱きしめてもいい?[Hey, you are so adorable. Can I hug you?]

    B: え…あの、僕、男ですけど…[Er…well, I am a man, though.]

    A: わかってるよ。[I know.]

    B: あの…もしかして、そっち系ですか?[Well, are you…socchi-kei?]

 Yes, this socchi-kei means a gay.

4. A: おい、ちょっとあの人見ろよ。小指無いよ。[Hey, look at that man. He doesn’t have a pinky.]

    B:本当だ。やっぱりそっち系かな。[He doesn’t. Is he…socchi-kei?]

    C: 間違いないね。[Absolutely.]

 In this context, it means a yakuza (Japanese mafia). In the yakuza society, they shall cut down your pinky to show your apology or merely as a punishment. This is エンコ詰め[enko dsume]. エンコ means a pinky here.

 In this way, そっち系 is used a lot lately anywhere. So make this そっち系 as your own language! 🙂



  1. w said,

    I suppose this is similar to the usage of アレ (in katakana). But I don’t think this is particularly unfamiliar or specific to anime/Japanese culture really, after all I think situations that require vague references to remain polite exist around the world. Menstruation is a good example…

    p.s. it’s mafia, not maphia

  2. Windbell said,

    (P.S ツンデレ萌え FTW!) (笑)

  3. bangin said,

    w-dono: Ugh, I did it again. I just corrected it now, thank you! 🙂

    I see…a while ago, my English teachers complained about those particular ambiguous words such as そっち系, 微妙[bimyou], or 私的[watashi teki].

    Ah! I wish I could have known those replacement in English.

    Windbell: どういたしまして。ところで私、次の旅行先をシンガポールにしてみようかなと思っているんですが、シンガポールには東京で言う秋葉原みたいな町はありますか?

  4. w said,

    Now instead of そっち系, which I think has equivalents in the English language, I’d love an explanation of 微妙! That was a word I had problems with earlier because I had to keep remembering that in cases like 微妙に違う, it means “slightly” but in cases like この服、なんか微妙な感じ it would be something like the colloquial “meh” in English (if I understand correctly). Or that it isn’t exactly “right”.

    Another (not so ambiguous) one would be いまいち – on one hand, there’s the いまいち分かりません sort of meaning and then the いまいちな出来, but I guess it’s easier to understand than 微妙…

    Also don’t come to Singapore it’s soooooo booooring here 😦 But if you do come I’ll probably say hi.

  5. ルルーシュ said,



  6. bangin said,

    w-dono: It seems like 微妙 is used to imply it is not so good when you are asked how you feel about the thing. なんか微妙…would mean, “I don’t like it.” I like なかなかどうして.
    Maybe Singapore is not too far from Japan. When I travel next time, it would be better to choose such a destination.

    ルルーシュさん:ウィンドベールさんは、もしかするとフィギュアなどが好きな人かもしれません(Sorry if I am wrong)。もしそうなら、このそっち系はフィギュアヲタという意味合いが強くなるでしょう。:)

  7. ルルーシュ said,

    って冗談つかめなかったなー~ まあいい。ウィンドベールさんは確かにフィギュアがお好みですよ。


  8. bangin said,



  9. ルルーシュ said,


  10. bangin said,


  11. ルルーシュ said,


  12. bangin said,

    いや全然 :D

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