コスプレAV[cosplay AV]

October 12, 2007 at 12:59 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required.

  I know it has been so long now since this genre of AV(adult video) came up, but comparing to the old days, I feel the connotation of cosplay AV has been gradually changing for some reason…Basically in cosplay AV, pornstars do their job in a special outfit such as a maid, a flight attendant, a nurse, a schoolgirl, a swimming suit, so whatever they get dress could count a cosplay AV. However, lately we can see another genre of cosplay AV where real cosplayers get taken a sneak video inside the changing room at the real event for cosplayers. Though they don’t do “it,” it counts a cosplay AV.  Having said that, know some cosplayers even do “it” though I am not sure they are real cosplayers or actually pornstars. But a few cosplayers might make their own video and sell at the expensinve price on the net. Naturally cosplay is just for fun for their own, however, as the population of cosplayers increase, those of people who love to collect cosplayers’ photos or video increase as well (i.e. カメラ小僧[camera kozou]). So I guess that’s why there is a connection between cosplayers and the porn video industry. Of course I know this really makes sheer female cosplayers angry. But I daresay most general people don’t seem to be interested in this that much. At best they would regard such video as a joke or merely a funny stuff.

 Also, this must be something that could turn akibakeis on; cosplay AV has evolved out of what it used to be. I mean, cosplay AV portrays the original work of it at last. I don’t know whether they obtain a copyright or not, but it is kind of impressive in a way. See above image, you know what it is? Yes, this is a totally parody of the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Except for her first name Hahiru, everything else completely follows the first novel. W-Well, as an otaku, as a man, I-I-I have watched this DVD, you know.(((;゜д゜)))アワワワワ I was so surprised to see how well they copied the original. Even though their acting is not so satisfying(of course, they are pornstars!), I can’t help but feel this could be a live-action drama version. Their acting looks like those young amateur actors in 中学生日記[chuugakusei nikki], but the funny thing is that I could feel this is not bad for a porn video. If this were on the air at the midnight, nobody would tell this is a porn video unless you see the sex scenes, I suppose so.


 The story goes with Kyon’s narrative monologue(not bad) as the original, and to my surprise, it copies the battle between Nagato and Asakura.

Personally, I like this Asakura because she could quite portray her yandere side…

This porn video company, TMA keeps making this kind of thing. There’s some other series such as マリア様がみている[maria sama ga miteiru] or Faith/Stay night. Does the original author know about this? Anyway, as for this Hahiru series, there’s already the second volume, the Disappearance of Suzumiya Hahiru[涼宮ハヒルの消失]. So it means this series has got a lot of fans, doesn’t it? No matter what, the cosplay AV industry has played a big role in the otaku circle in many ways.  



  1. w said,

    I think it’s really hilarious (I mean seriously very hilarious) but auuuughhhhhh Kyon’s face, no matter how many times I see pics of Hahiru I weep at Kyon’s face (Asakura’s is worse, perhaps) But Haruhi looks decent!

    I wonder if they’re making anything based off Lucky Star or something as hot as that… would you say Lucky Star is actually as popular as Haruhi? I think it had a narrower appeal but perhaps it’ll still get made into an AV anyway. I really wonder whether they have this sort of thing for girls. Actually wait, scrap that, I don’t want to know. (・A・)

  2. Neohybrid_kai said,

    oh, I know about this. There’s also that “Lozen Maiden” but no, I don’t watch them ^ ^
    and in the end, they’re all naked, right? so where’s the cosplay thing? lol

  3. bangin said,

    w-dono: I think this Kyon is still okay comparing to any other male actors in this DVD. I didn’t post a pic of Koizumi, but he is…extremely horrible. You can’t stop laughing! Of course, Kyon’s classmates, Kunikida and Taniguchi show up, but they must be over 35 or so.

    I can say Lucky Star is as popular as Haruhi, so TMA might be working on it…If it comes to pass, loads of akibakeis would dash to the store for sure! (゜д゜)

    Neohybrid_kai: Haha, but actually no. At least in this Hahiru DVD, all the porn actresses don’t get stripped off when they do it. Though Kyon is naked. lol

    If they are naked, it wouldn’t count a cosplay AV. That’s why they do wearing their costume. ^^

  4. Avplaya said,

    I think I’ve heard of Lucky Star AV… I’m not sure where, but it’s just matter of time… Plus the girls are all over 16! Wwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I’m not going to be hypocritically prudish and claimed that I’ve never seen it… I’m not Western enough.. ^^ I did see this one… it was okay, but it’s really just very funny to me like all those Haruhi doujinshi… I do agree with you, it’s NOT THAT BAD for an AV, and boy, there are some really, really BAD J-AVs out there. It seemed that a lot of those AV are filmed by the Yakuza because there sure are a lot of tatooed man in those things.


    This one included the Haruhi OP Dance yo! The link is in the page… it’s what we call in English Not Safe for Work (NSFW), meaning, don’t watch it at work (not that many Japanese worker gets enough privacy to surf at work). ^^;

    Here’s a blog about it http://nekoare.blog30.fc2.com/blog-entry-1649.html Maybe bangin can do a review on this one as well? wwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I must say, I’m really happy to see this post, since it means that bangin-dono doesn’t give his readers the “gaijn scrub” and only present things that’s “acceptable” to Western tastes (like voilence).

    BTW, I must remind everyone again that AV in AVPlaya = Audio Visual, and not…

  5. bangin said,

    OMG! There’s already another cosplay AV of Suzumiya Haruhi! I wonder if this also follows the original story…though I tried out the sample video, it didn’t show me the drama part. I think this Hiharu is cuter than Hahiru, but Hahiru seems to copy the way Haruhi is better. ^^

    The yakuza usually makes those illegal porn video, I mean, unsensored ones…But in U.S., most porn video are not sensored, are they? When I was in Canada, I found a lot of Japanese hentai anime DVD those sensor got removed. (゜д゜)

  6. Avplaya said,

    Bagin-dono, yes, I think Hiharu his cuter too… ^^ Both have their strong points, so I guess TRUE haruhi-ota will just have to buy both! This maybe the start of a brand new doujin industry neh? I wonder if Kadokawa will start suing? This can’t help the image of otaku…

    As for US porn, Bangin-dono, not most, but ALL US porno is uncensored. If there are some sort of censorship, they are called “softcore erotica” and you can’t see certain parts – they don’t censor but just use “creative” positions not to show it. A cable channel in the US called Cinemax is famous for them. I guess a lot of women watches them. ^^; Real pronography is 100% uncensored… and YES! Anime hentai was one of the FIRST anime to export to the West, and one of the main reason was that the anime companies can sell the UNCENSORED version! There are many, many famous series like Bible Black which has been released here and not censored at all. In fact I think as a percentage more hentai anime has been released in the US than akiba-kei anime. This tells you a lot about Beikoku-jin, no? Wwwwwwwwwwwww

    Again I must stress that the AV… oh whom I am kidding. I feel like Nishikawa-sensei telling people she has a lot of of lovers… who’ll believe me now… BTW, I just saw 時東ぁみ on LonHatsu… man, they don’t have a lot of good thing to say about Akibe-kei… well, at least she’s a Cosplay Idol that the mainstream knows about, but she was under a lot of attacks… how do you Akiba-kei feel about her appearance in mainstream shows, bangin-dono?

  7. bangin said,

    Before I left Canda, I bought Words Worth DVD…I think I found Bible Black, People in Nonomura Hospital, Kyan Kyan Banny, and so on. I didn’t know how much foreigners like Japanese hentai anime. I hope it’s not only me who buy uncensored hentai anime DVD abroad. orz

    In general, 時東ぁみ is well-known as a メガネアイドル although she uses glasses to get popular, not for her eyesight. The two things make her remarkable are glasses and big breasts. So I think she is quite popular among ハロプロヲタ rather than akibakeis. I missed the turn on LonHatsu, so what kind of cosplay did she do?

    BTW, I input a contact form in About on sidebar. If you would like to mail me, use that please. 🙂

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