沢尻社員[sawajiri shain]

October 10, 2007 at 5:39 am (general)


Erika Sawajiri

If you happen to follow Japan’s entertainment industry, you might be sure of this arrogant actress, 沢尻エリカ[Erika Sawajiri]. In spite of being so young, she is treated as a queen by anybody else…Yes, not knowing since when it started, we have addressed her either Erika-sama or 女王様[joou-sama](女王 means a queen). I am not pretty sure the reason why she is always like that, but I assume it could be the way her company has decided to settle her characteristic so that people can generally recoginise she is such an arrogant actress.

 A while ago, when she showed up at the annoucement for her latest movie, Closed Note, she was so terrible…Even though she is the lead in the movie, she didn’t speak at all. Also, when the host asked her two questions, she said almost nothing. During the interview, she kept being so grim. All the things she said was 特にないです(toku ni naidesu,”Nothing especially”) and 別に(betsuni, “Not really”). Needless to say, the host and the other actors got perplexed…Personally, I feel sorry for Yuko Takeuchi because she seemed to try to be nice more instead of Erika-sama. Was that on purpose? Or was that the real her? The truth is still veiled, but after the horrible interview she was accused of by all the press…so she ended up saying sorry. Being a queen didn’t last so long, you know. Her arrogance went too far, ugh. orz

 In many ways, I must say she got very famous because of this. A couple of days ago, I found a funny line on the paper when I was on the train; あなたの会社の沢尻社員の対処法(anata no kaisha no sawajiri shain no taishohou, How to controlwork with Sawajiri subordinates in your company). If you happen to work with someone like her, you would get tired of it. Whatever you ask her, she would just say 別に or 特にないです.  Shouldn’t I say someone like her should be dismissed?

  By the way, how come the way she is doesn’t turn me on though I have tsundere-moe? Ah, it’s because she didn’t show me her dere-side! So does anyone who has joou-sama-moe love her?

 You can see the video here.  The questions she was asked in this video are,

 1. Which scene in this film do you like the most?  She said, 特にないです.

 2. When you made some cookies for the staff, how did you feel about that? She said 別に.

 Oh, poor host.



  1. w said,

    Oh man, I saw her getting ridiculed endlessly on niconico douga. I did watch a bit of the video and she acted unusually blunt, to the point of being rude… you could tell from the way she looked and moved her head that she wanted to just get out of it ASAP and didn’t even bother hiding it.

    So what did that paper say about how to control the Sawajiri workers in an office?

    And I think since getting to like tsundere means you have to see their dere side, it’s not so easy to like public figures as tsunderekkos or whatever (unless it’s just a gag). Personally my favourite is when they put up a honestly tsun and/or uninterested/rude side and only start showing flashes of dere when they’re very tired or when nobody’s around. It makes the contrast even more lovely.
    (I sound really gross talking about people this way…)

  2. khursten said,

    Houu~~ just saw the video. She sounded really rude. Maybe close to the tsun characteristic of a tsundere. But w is right, we have to see her dere side. She looks really cute but rather rude.

    I don’t know too but is she popular with kogals?

    On another note… 今日は「萌えの日」ね?(=ω=.)

  3. Chris said,

    Have a look:

    She can smile! 😉

  4. Avplaya said,

    Yeah, does she even have a deredere side? I have a feeling that this might be a way to get her famous though – that her agency told her to behave this way. I have noticed that in Japan a lot of people got famous for saying or doing rude things normal people would never ever do (i.e. Hard Gay or Nishkawa Ayako), maybe this is her “act”? I can’t believe someone raised in Japan would behave this way in public… this must be something to generate a bit of controversy. See there’s even a TERM made from her name! I’d say it’s pretty successful. ^^ BTW, even though Nishikawa-sensei is one of the most arrogant person on TV, I kinda like her.

  5. bangin said,

    w-dono: Well, the paper tells three strategies to controll Sawajiri workers well,

    1. Give her very difficult assignments.
    She is so competitive that she would try to manage by herself until she gets screwed up. When she gets in a trouble, she would know her place, and ask for help.

    2. Inflame her competitiveness.
    The more difficult a task is, the more she would work on it. If you imply like, “No one has ever got a contract with the company. I wish someone could do that…,” she would work harder for you.

    3. Learn her interests.
    Normally, she doesn’t get interested in anything but her interests, so put up with her favorites. She would be more understandable.

    Do those really work out? And yes, it has to make the contrast more obvious if I want to get into her. 🙂

    khursten: She is well-known as her rudeness. I don’t know she is quite accepted by kogals, but her acting is appreciated though I haven’t seen it…I think Kumi Koda is more popular with kogals.

    Happy 萌えの日. 😀

    Chris: Oh thanks for the nice video. This is my first time seeing her smile!

    Avplaya-san: I don’ think she has a deredere side. Not only the announcement in the video, but any other interviews she had been like that. I agree with you, I guess she is supposed to behave rude so that everybody can recognise her easier. It reminds me of the Russian duo who boycotted the Japan’s music show at the last minute. But when it goes too far, they might be ostracized.

    I guess the real Nishikawa-sensei is nice though we have seen her arrogance a lot. I have seen her whipping a stupid entertainer in Downtown’s show. She should be ドエス! 🙂

    One more thing, サワジる[sawajiru] means to be arrogant or rude.

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    “..And I think since getting to like tsundere means you have to see their dere side”
    I definitely agree, lol, just tsuntsun without deredere won’t work, haha

    Well, tough I’m not her fans but I watch some of her drama (ichi litre, tegami, taiyou no uta) I wonder how come she’s become that rude? she looks sweet in her role
    but that’s actress for you ^^

    I’d still prefer Aya Hirano tough XD

  7. bangin said,

    I have not watched Close Note, but it is said that it is a heartbreaker. 1 litre and Taiyou no uta are as well, right? I think the real her is kind of rude(we say namaiki) from the beginning. So it seems that her agency has decided to settle her characteristics as a talented rude girl (like Echizen Ryoma). Eventually she has to go on being rude…I assume?

    When I saw HIrano Aya in Heyx3, she was so nice! ^^

  8. Hinano said,

    Maybe thats why they always make her die in every drama lol!

  9. bangin said,

    Haha, that explains! www

  10. rogueagent99 said,

    Well,… so the misdeamor of this young, self-centered, freaking misguided cuckoo wench has since deterioated — advanced into a CORPORATE problem, eroded into the workplace… perhaps worse!? Gimme a break!!

    Absolutely Pathetic PUTE!!
    Let’s unite and eradicate The Source Of All Malignance!!

  11. bangin said,

    When things like this happens, people would start to mimic such a terrible behavior. In many ways, this would affect not only workers, but even young students.

  12. rogueagent99 said,

    Young students eh? AFAIK, almost EVERY young female (adolescent or adult) likes her style and demeanor and eventually follows suit, at least to certain degree.

    When she did the Meiji chocolate (Valentine theme) commercial earlier this year in a certain university campus, just every female college student was watching her!! What the heck!!

    Oh, BTW, the closest translation of “sawajiru” is… “Heatherize.”
    For instance, when someone becomes arrogant or has picked up any demeanors of this girl, you’d say:
    “Dang, (name of person) has been profusely Heatherized…”
    Similarly, to “De-Heatherize” means to reverse the sequence, eg.
    “(famous jockey) Hiroki has De-Heatherized himself just in time but was nevertheless too late to avoid the caster’s further mockery.”

  13. bangin said,

    I see…Heather sounds like a girl’s name. Was there the famous Heather who looked like Sawajiri Erika somewhere out of Japan? wwww

    Thanks for telling this!

  14. rogueagent99 said,

    Heather IS a girl’s name. More important, it is basically the direct parallel to “Erica” (Erica is the Latin for Heather) which makes this trick work.

    For a long time the female name “Erica” has been used on the Internet to denote bad girls, especially those with bad personalities etc. Even the Urban Dictionary puts this:
    “Ever Queen, Ever Powerful”
    Coincidence? Ah-uh!!

    The following terms carry definitions which also associate to this girl’s personality, actions, demeanors etc. to certain degree:
    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=heatheritis (did some Jap gossip magazine mention this girl’s hip size…42?)

    It is just a matter of time before new words like “De-Heatherize” etc. (or maybe even this girl’s full name) make it to the Dictionary.

    AFAIK there are also other forms of “Heather”-based name-calling derivatives for this girl. “Virulent Heather” and “Endstream Heather(!!)” are among the mostly-used ones in certain forums and online communities. These terms were actually systemically coined, according to sources.

    There also exists this German military song
    that has been completely modified to deride this girl. I don’t have the source of the reworked version though.

  15. bangin said,

    Wow, this is great, thanks for the links. 😀

    And sorry for the trouble. I didn’t delete your comment, but wordpress had kept it as moderation until I noticed. That’s why above comment didn’t appear straightaway.

    I am terribly sorry about this.

  16. rogueagent99 said,

    To answer your previous question bangin: I cannot recall any famous foreign “Heathers” that fit into this girl’s age group.

    However, this reminds me of Heather Sweet (aka Dita von Teese) whose icon has been spoofed in “Sabra” (Dec issue).

    And given the cause, a new name-calling term has been coined: “Heather Sauer”
    How that works is as follows:
    Dita von Teese — real name Heather Sweet
    (Erika) von Teese (as mentioned in magazine) — Codename: Heather Sauer (sour)

    I have been told that “bitter” and “spicy” have been considered but were later dropped in favor of “sour” for pretty obvious reasons.

    Another popular derivative is “Lilac Heather” or “Lilac’s Heather,” again for VERY obvious reasons. This one is EASY to figure out. Need I say more.

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