夢見乙女[yumemi otome]

September 18, 2007 at 12:04 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 There’s an often old saying; female otakus like to imagine and picture a story on their minds whereas male otakus would prefer to see how a story goes “visually.” The theory has brought about this…yes, it’s ドリーム小説[dream shousetsu, “dream novel“]. It’s also said as 夢小説[yume shousetsu]( means a dream). To get to the point, ドリーム小説 is a fan-made novel on the net, and some of those characters’ names can be decided by readers, so you can enjoy the story as if you were in there. Most stories stem from manga, anime, otome games, or live-action movies or whatsover. So all you have to do is just enter your name before you start to read it, and you can be the heroine in the story…and have fun with your favorite character.

 It sounds like most readers for dream novels are fujoshi(BL fangirls), but actually not necessarily. Though such fan-made, I mean BL fan-made novels are everywhere on the net. Some fujoshi might dislike dream novels whereas other dream novel readers(from now, we can say ドリーマー[dreamer]) might insist they dislike BL…and they would say they are 夢見乙女(dream novel reader). In fact, I asked my fujoshi friend how she feels about ドリーム小説, and she said like;

 “Well, I for one shall play otome game if I want to have fun with bishounen. It would be boring to put myself into such a dream novel. If I read a fan-made novel, it should be BL because that would be much enjoyable. I don’t think I want to enjoy dating in such a dream novel. I am not so “dreamy,” you know.”

 …O-Okay, so then I shall explain some terminology for dream novel readers here.

1. [ura]; Literally it means reverse or back. But in dream novel circles, it also means a dream novel which includes some pornographic contents.

2. 男主人公[otoko shujinkou]; Basically, you can be the heroine in a dream novel, but in this genre, you can be the hero. So the name you shall enter must be a male one, and you would move on with the story. Yes, you could feel a buddy friendship, otherwise you would end up placing yourself in a BL story…

3. 逆ハーレム[gyaku harem]; In this genre, the heroine should be surrounded by several bishounen. Sounds like otome game! The exact opposite of harem…[gyaku] means a converse.

4. クロスオーバー[cross over]; A dream novel where some characters from a different series show up. Like Harry Potter world gets a connection with Load of the Ring world.

5. 作品傾向[sakuhin keikou]; This term is used to simply distinguish what kind of taste the dream novel is. For example,

 a. 友情[yuujou]; It depicts two(or more) boys’ friendship.

 b. エロ[ero]; It is porn (including BL).

 c. ギャグ[gag]; It is just a gag story.

 d. 悲哀[hiai]; It is a sad story.

 e. シリアス[serious]; It is a serious story, no joke.

 f. ダーク[dark]; Very depressing…we can also say 鬱展開[utsutenkai].

 6. トリップ[trip]; It means to cross the faraway space in order to go to the place where the story takes place such as Yuuri Shibuya in Kyou kara maou.

 7. 逆トリップ[gyaku-trip]; Yes, it means that those characters cross the faraway space in order to come to our real world.

 8. パラレル[parallel]; In this genre, the setting where those characters are, is completely different from the original. Like…well…Inuyashiya happens to be a school student and plays tennis.

 9. 未来[mirai]; Those characters are living in the future world which is made by the author. Like Ryoma Echizen happens to be a pro-tennis player and Tedsuka buchou happens to get married. And they are over 25 years old…

10. SS; It is an abbreviation of Short Story. This is the shortest in all the genre. The longest order is 長編[chouhen], 中編[chuuhen], 短編[tampen], and SS.

 I have introduced a term, 乙男[otomen] here, so I made up a new word. What about a guy who loves dream novels? Can I say like 夢見乙男[yumemi otomen]?

 Oh, never mind. (´・ω・`)



  1. Hinano said,

    This puts an interesting twists to the ending theme of Doujin Work 😛

  2. Avplaya said,

    There are also 逆ハーレム animes like 彩雲国物語, which I watch with my wife for the political elements. I’m sure plenty of reverse harem fans watch it for the masses and masses of bishounen around Shuurei. And she’s a tsundere with no interest in romance. Hey, I just realized why I watch this show.. another Tsundere lead!

    You know just reading these types of dream stories, it just feel like, gosh, aren’t these just typical shonen/otaku plots? It’s just that the main chara is female and the suppoting cast is mostly male. I think the fujoshi really has more in comon than akiba-kei than not.

  3. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I found it interesting to take a peek into fujoshi’s world, is it because I am becoming more otomen? lol
    I think its true that female otaku prefer to picture the story not visually. I have few female friends that’s into j-rock and they write BL fics a lot ^ ^

  4. khursten said,

    mwr. I totally understand this!! Fujoshis love fantasies, but to write a fantasy as if we were there is just not right!! ><;;

    In the west, I think the outcome is closer to those people who write Mary Stu or Gary Stu wherein they create a chara and it represents them and it lives their fantasy.

    I think the thing with fujoshis is they realize the difference of reality and fantasy and always kept that demarcation. Hence, they can be a ko-gal in real life but be a fujoshi at the same time (although, that example is rather rare. lol.)

    What I find interesting about it is that, the way foreigners create a categories for fanfics are similar to the yumemi otomes. ^^

  5. bangin said,

    Hinano: I have never read any dream novels. But the thing is, that female otakus are so creative. I haven’t encountered such a male otaku who makes this kind of thing. I know there are so many doujin game makers, though.

    Avplaya-san: I know 彩雲国物語. The society where Shuurei places herself is so complicated. I think Shuurei’s father must be a 腹黒(haraguro).
    Do you then know 遙かなる時空の中で or 金色のコルダ? Both are based on its otome game where the heroine is surrounded by several bishounens.

    I think a term, 同人女(doujin-onna) can work to describe both types, I mean, dreamers and fujoshi!

    Neohybrid_kai: I am an otomen since I have played some otome games…though I don’t follow dream novels. When I encounter fan-made comics for female otakus, I notice there’s always a short novel before or after manga part. I think this could prove female otakus are willing to picture a story whatever they want. That’s why there is BLCDs…we, male otakus don’t have any 百合(yuri)CDs, don’t we?

    khursten: I have heard there is this kind of thing abroad, well, what’s called slash. Like they make a pair by using /. And fans are willing to use real people…I think it should be classified as ナマモノ, shouldn’t it? In dreamer circles, there’s definitely a genre of ナマモノ. ^^

  6. Wabi Sabi said,

    You know, I have known you for almost 2 years now, and I have seen you making the transition in coming out of the closet and admitting in public that you are an otomen. You have made peace with yourself.

    By the way, you have heard that HaruToki 3 will become an OVA?

  7. bangin said,

    Yes, now that I admitted I am an otomen, I can talk about this kind of thing. 🙂
    I think the era of otomen will begin soon…

    Yes, my friend(Haruka fan) told me that news. Haru Toki 2 has already become an OVA, so I thought it is going to come to pass. And one more thing, she also told me Maihitoyo(舞一夜) will become a play on the stage…I can’t imagine how it goes. Just like a musical thing that Prince of Tennis or BLEACH do? Anyway, all the Hachiyos should be played by bishounens. I also wonder whether we could see the real Sairyouou(最稜王). :(?

  8. miyo said,

    Oh my… I’m sorry about commenting so late, but… I actually write those. In Spanish. I won’t tell any more because it’s so embarrassing (they aren’t ero at all, though. Well, not the ones by me) … But anyway, I can say it’s true, and not only it is but there are pages in Spanish about it. Well, at least one, about TeniPuri (which is the prefect series to write about: the cast has 120 guys and 4 girls.)
    Most of the time is just a sweet dream, you know, ‘they meet – they fall in love – they confess – the live happily ever after’. But sometimes the author takes the chance to explore sides to the characters that are not shown in the canon. Of course, it quite challenging, because although you can twist it you can’t change it, especially when dealing with armies of fans ready to jump at your neck if they feel you didn’t portray their favourite character perfectly! And sometimes I get bored: I know they are going to end together. There are films which plot is so good that you can enjoy them even if you know how they end. At first it’s quite fun, but when you start getting the feeling that you’ve just read the same DN for the 1000th time, you start hoping that something would change. Some plot twist, anything!
    Good writers know how to do this. I really admire them. (I’m still trying to figure out how to end a DN with a ‘sorry, I’m gay’ and live to tell the story.) The world of Dream Novels is a lot like the one of fanfiction, but a little more extreme: you are playing with people’s feelings, after all. They will always tell you ‘It was great!’, no matter what you write, but if you screw it really bad, revenge can be subtle… Fans can be so scary sometimes.

    I’m sorry I wrote so much! I didn’t intend to (>_<)

  9. bangin said,

    OMG, dream novels are popular in Spain? Never thought of that. I agree with you, fans are sometimes scary. If they don’t get satisfied, they would complain, and if their favorite character get killed, they would be upset. I guess dream novelists should be so careful to handle the characters. 🙂

  10. miyo said,

    That reminds me… Oh, I can’t find the post, but at the tenipuri community (livejournal) someone once said that she was afraid of posting a fic because (female) TeniPuri fans didn’t seem to like (euphemism for “hate and would send to hell anyone that dares to think about the possibility of even considering”) het. It made me smile. It’s not that they (okay, we) don’t like het… it’s just that we hate when Mary Sues snatch our favourite characters away, and just flush half the cast’s personality down the toilet. I mean, there isn’t anyone on Earth that is the entire (insert team here) regulars’ type. Sometimes it’s Fuji, Tezuka-buchou and Echizen who are in love with the same (beautiful, nice, intelligent and cute) girl. It doesn’t make sense.

    Oh, by the, way, I’m not Spanish :3 (I wish! They have a lot more manga, and my dream of going to Japan would be more than a simple dream). I’m Argentinian *points at South America* :< .

  11. bangin said,

    I see, there are tons of dream novels, so dreamers could read and scrap, read and scrap…until they find the best one. Even after they found, they would keep going. 🙂

    I didn’t think Echizen is included in the mainstream. Because a lot of other handsome players are on it like Atobe-sama or Sengoku. 🙂

  12. w said,

    Personally I prefer to SCRAP & SCRAP. That is my dream! …well no, not really.

    I haven’t even got any fandoms I’d like to read fic for right now…

  13. bangin said,

    I have never tried any fan-made novels including dream novels, but sometimes I heard some of them might be readable.
    This is not a novel, but I have encountered a fan-made Death Note manga which leads to a happy conclusion on the net. Well, that was not bad.

  14. DocWatson said,

    Like Harry Potter world gets a connection with Load of the Ring world.

    Pardon me (m(_ _)m), but I think you mean (Tolkien’s) “The Lord of the Rings world” (Middle Earth), but it is confusing because there is also Larry Niven’s Ringworld. ^_^;;

  15. Hermine said,

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    it, you happen to be a great author.I will always bookmark your blog and definitely
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    • bangin said,

      Thank you, Hermine. Please come anytime!

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