August 30, 2007 at 5:49 am (otaku word)

Kotonoha won Academy Yandere Awards!

Kotonoha won Academy Yandere Awards!

I just thought it would be an abbreviation of やんちゃデレデレ[yancha deredere]. やんちゃ means merry, so…would it mean a merry-and-sweet temper? Nah, it’s not so interesting. But actually, I was fully wrong. At any rate, this term must be spin-off of ツンデレ[tsundere], but I do not know the last part, デレ[dere] could work the same way as デレ of ツンデレ. Some people would say yes, but others would be against it for some reason. Well, get to the point, ヤンデレ is just a changed form of 病んでる[yanderu,”ill-tempered”] in order to pun upon ツンデレ. So first, she shows up in the normal way, but when she is obsessed with him so much, she becomes mental…in the end, she might be even murderous. Having said that, she wouldn’t even have to love him although we are not told she is actually a yandere girl in the first place. At first, she shows up as a nice girl…later we would see the real her. Yes, I think this mostly happens. Such yandere girls could be mostly seen in bishoujo games or anime based on them such as Katsura Kotonoha(School Days), Fuyou Kaede(SHUFFLE!), Ryuugu Rena, or Sonozaki Mion(Higurahi no naku koro ni). But some yandere fans might prefer such a murderous girl, in short, terrorizer. For example, let’s see Ryouko Asakura(The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi) . She is so nice to Kyon, but I don’t think she loves him. Just she wants to make a change…so she tries to kill him. I guess she must be a ヤンデレgirl though she doesn’t love him.  I said, she becomes mental, but technically I can’t say she is really so medically. 病んでる emphasizes her eccentric behavior rather than her mentality.  Having said that, I’m sure Misaki Nakahara(Welcome to NHK!) must be a mentally yandere girl, though…Also, it is said that 黒化[kokuka] , 闇み化[yamika] or 黒姫化[kurohimeka] mean to become yandere all of a sudden(or gradually). [ka] stands for transformation or change. Can I say like “yanderenize“to put it? BTW, I found a magazine all about yandere girls. The cover page is so scary…mad girls are holding knives in blood and laughing!

 I know I have tsundere-moe, but yandere-moe…no thanks! ガクガク(((;゜д゜)))ブルブル


  1. Neohybrid_kai said,

    lol, I know sooner or later this terms will appear here ^^
    personally, I like love-hate relationship story, so yeah, I kind of have a yandere-moe, lol
    have something to write but I’d like to see the other’s comment first ^^

    btw I made a fanart of this yandere, its an old pic and I can’t do coloring so its still black n white (made this when Kaede’s shuffle tv series went crazy few seasons ago)

  2. Lideru said,

    Hey people =D

    Can someone here help me? How do you write the word die in japanese?
    You know… that word that they are always saying in animes… When one guy is attacking the other, he says “shinêêêêê!!!!!” or something… normally the translation is “Die!”

    I really wanted to know how to write that word… can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

    See ya!

  3. bangin said,

    Neohybrid_kai: Oh, that’s a good picture! ^^ I was wondering any mental girl could be labeled as yandere…if that’s the case, Misuzu in Air would be yandere? Umm, she is not murderous at all, though.

    Liberu: Hi, thanks for coming. 🙂

    Well, we write 死ね(shine) to mean “Die.” Know this is imperative form. The original form is 死ぬ(shinu). In English, both should be translated as “Die.”

    In 2ch circle, 死(shi) could be replaced by 氏(shi). So they would say 氏ね~! Of course, it’s definitely wrong. ^^

  4. Neohybrid_kai said,

    bangin: hm, I think it’s possible too, if the definition of yandere also related to something like mental disorder (i don’t play the game though, but her crying scene in anime version is quite disturbing ^^ )

  5. bangin said,

    Yeah, it is! And it was a really heartbreaker…

  6. w said,

    Oh man, on the topic of Air, I generally can’t quite stand bishoujo game adaptations or light novel adaptations or anything along those lines, especially Key works – I just cannot tolerate those character designs, I’m so sorry…

    …but the Air anime really was by far the one I’ve enjoyed the most out of them all, to the point that I enjoy it like a normal anime but am more surprised because it is all in spite of my bias. And that crying scene of Misuzu really broke my heart 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 Just thinking about it reminds me how I was starting to panic very slightly when Misuzu started acting like that and if I was any more sentimental I might have waved my hands going “No! Don’t cry! Please!” with tears down my cheeks. …Maybe. (Although my favourite character is Tohno after all.)

    (Sorry I went so offtopic.)

  7. bangin said,

    Yes, some anime fans dislike those character designs…I heard someone saying like Misuzu’s face is like a fish. All of them have such huge eyes…I wonder that is a really turn-on(moe) for players…

    I couldn’t stop crying at the last scene of Misuzu and her mother(?) Haruko. (ToT) I was almost shouting at the same time when Haruko cried out for her daughter, “Misuzuuuuuuuu!” I really appreciate the awesome acting of those seiyus.

    BTW, do you have any favorite seiyus, w-dono?

  8. khursten said,

    lol. Yandere ka naaa….

    I sometimes like Yandere girls, as long as it’s appropriate. Some of them, they’re really nice and sweet and when they break, I just want to say 守りたい. I guess that’s why I enjoyed NHK ni Yokoso’s Misaki. She as such an effort to be strong that you want to be strong for her as well. :3 But maybe that’s just her. lol. I don’t know about the other girls though. lol…

  9. bangin said,

    Haha, I want to say 強くなりたい for her. But we know the reason why she chose Sato-kun is that she thinks he is worse than her. 😀 I think I like such a yandere girl unless she is so murderous.

  10. w said,

    Favourite seiyuu, huh… I don’t quite know. A lot of them are just so amazing at doing a variety of roles that makes me really wow at their range – like Misuzu’s seiyuu, Tomoko Kawakami, I couldn’t have guessed she actually did Utena! Same goes for Nobuyuki Hiyama (he does the smashing Kao Chen Shin and then does a 360 with Madarame).

    Hm, but it’s hard for me to say. Okay, I know for sure I really really like Kouichi Yamadera. He can do so many roles, sounds so convincing at them, and is a great entertainer! He does such amazing sound effects and impersonations and has an affable personality. Other than that, um… I like Takahiro Sakurai. He just happens to do so many of my favourite characters and I *love* that voice of his, it really makes me melt. Jouji Nakata in Gankutsuou pretty much stole the show, same with Kenji Utsumi in Kemonozume. As I mentioned I like Nobuyuki Hiyama, I think Kazuya Nakai’s got a great voice and I find Toshihiko Seki’s kind of makes me crumble a bit (I was watching some Please Save My Earth the other time and was gasping at Mikuro a bit). I have to shamefully admit that Takehito Koyasu’s is a personal favourite of mine too even if he might sound a bit one-pattern sometimes.

    As for females. I like Paku Romi and Junko Minagawa just for how well they can do males and females, and they really breathe in such lives into their characters (can’t forget Minagawa’s Thoma in Fantastic Children.) And I can’t help but really like Megumi Hayashibara (after her boom period she still sounded great as Paprika).
    I love Yuka Imai if just for her performance in Banner of the Stars. That was just astounding. Mayumi Tanaka does really nicely as Luffy but I was bowled over by her role of Giovanni in Night on the Galactic Railroad. I liked her Kanna in Sakura Wars too.

    Okay that’s just too much. @_@ I must be definitely missing out some, but I usually remember their jobs as roles and not all seiyuu are so consistent – I feel the script and surroundings (and the 音響監督) can change the quality of a performance quite a bit, usually when seiyuu are young, because they haven’t quite stabilised/matured yet.

    What are your favourite seiyuu then?

  11. bangin said,

    Let me see…as for female, I can definitely think of Aya Hirano. Yes, especially when she does Suzumiya Haruhi rather than Misa Misa in Death Note or Reila in NANA. Then I also like Yuko Miyamura though I don’t hear about her a lot lately. So it’s a pity that my fav tsundere character, Asuka doesn’t show up in the latest Evangelion film. And when I heard Tomoko Kawakami’s voice in the anime, Harukanaru toki no naka de as Akane for the first time, I didn’t find it anything special. But when I heard her Misuzu, it chilled my spine…That’s how I started to like her voice.

    As for male, I like Rikiya Koyama because his gentle and deep voice always makes me relax. I really like his Hakuoro in Utawarerumono, especially how kind he is when he scolds the younger of the twin sisters. And I like Takeshi Kusao though I know he used to be remarkable in the 90’s the most such as Hanamichi Sakuragi in Slam Dunk or Trunks in Dragon Ball. He is quite a match for a young active boy. I can’t even forget when he dubbed Dicaprio…
    Speaking of 90’s, I also like Ryo Horikawa who acted Vegeta in Dragon Ball. However, he also acted a stupid hetare boy, Tadao Yokoshima in Ghost Sweeper Mikami. I used to laugh a lot at the difference of those two characters.
    Back to present, I like Tomokazu Sugita for his performance in Suzumiya Haruhi and Kanon 2006. And I know some different roles by Takahiro Sakurai…from a womanizing wizard in Zero’s Familiar to a mysterious young man in Maihitoyo.

  12. LytHka said,

    Asakura Ryouko is more like a yangire, not a yandere but even that’s not the right definition. A plot twist does not equal a character personality trait.

  13. Avplaya said,

    Question for you bangin-dono – don’t you think that Gottouza-sama would be GREAT for a Yandere character? She can play evil-bitch pretty well but switch right back to a normal moe-chara in a second. I hope someone gives her that kind of role.

  14. bangin said,

    LytHka: Ah, yangire! That’s not been generalized yet, either…but it could be. But Asakura is not so hot tempered. Umm, it’s quite difficult. 🙂

    Avplaya-san: Gottouza-sama seems to be a hybrid of Sakuradsuka Yakkun and Nishioka Sumiko. Well, she plays evil, but she doesn’t seem to be mental…If she is more murderous, she would be labeled as yandere. 😀

  15. Avplaya said,

    Eh, when she poke that wooden katana on Shiraishi’s face, you just feel that she’ll make him bleed if he disobeyed.. I think she can do murderous really well. 🙂

  16. bangin said,

    Ah! Yes, she can! The character designs of Lucky Star is so cute that I almost forgot how scary she actually is. 🙂

  17. kyouray » Blog Archive » Best of 2007: bilan d’un otaque said,

    […] Katsura (School Days) Cheveux longs, huge boobs, chaussettes géantes, attentionnée, yandere, elle a tout pour plaire la Kotonoha même si de nombreuses personnes la détestent. Et nice […]

  18. louise said,

    If I’m right about this, I think that if a girl has a disease (like when the girls in Higurashi are possessed by the Hinamizawa Syndrome) or she’s mental, I think that they would be catagorized as yangire, but I’m still not keen on that. O_o

  19. bangin said,

    You take it that way, and I am not fully sure which is right. Of course you are not wrong. She has to be sick in love, that’s crucial to be yandere. Neither Rena nor Mion loves Keiichi, so it seems like they are yangire. Whereas they are categorized as yandere.

  20. goodyfun said,

    Is there any word for a character like this who isn’t driven to insanity because of love? I know a common English term for characters like I’m thinking of is “chaotic evil” (I think it comes from D&D.).

    • bangin said,

      Please enter L5発症 in the search bar.

  21. Mariela said,

    Sonozaki Mion and Rena Ryuugu aren’t yandere. Rena is simply mentally unstable (also called yangire) and Mion isn’t even insane! (excluding the first arc, but her mental side was only in Keiichi’s imagination). In fact, she was meant to be portrayed as a tsundere.

    The only real yandere in Higurashi no naku koro ni is Shion Sonozaki, Mion’s twin sister, and that is only in one arc. It’s all because of the Hinamizawa syndrome…

    Remember, yandere is a term for those who love someone so unconditionally, they’ll do anything to protect that someone and keep them only for themselves. Kotonoha Katsura is a perfect example, Yuno Gasai too. And don’t forget Vocaloid Mayu.

    Oh man… I finished Air yesterday and I just recovered from the sad ending and that reminder that the last scene in the intro shows Misuzu and Haruko having fun together as a mother and daughter, yet that scene never happens. They do spend some time together, but Misuzu can’t walk, barely talks and… well, how can you not say that Air isn’t a total tear-jerker?

    Next stop: Kanon or Clannad?

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