The classification for 萌え[moe]

August 6, 2007 at 8:48 am (otaku word)

 Needless to say, 萌え[moe] is something you are obssessed with, or something turns you on right away when you see it.  So, I hereby mention some items of 萌え as far as I know.

1. メイド萌え[meido-moe]; There’s no need to explain this. A maid is generally known as a kind of 萌え even for non-otaku folks now. I have seen loads of salarymen lining up for the maid cafe after 5 o’clock.

2. 執事萌え[shitsuji-moe]; I think this is for 腐女子[fujoshi], not for アキバ系[akibakei]. If a maid cafe is so popular, there should be the exact opposite of it. Yes, what if butlers worked there? It should be a butler cafe. However, there’s not so many butler cafes yet.  I know at least one, but of course they are girls who dress up as a butler, not real.

3. 巫女萌え[miko-moe]; 巫女[miko] means a priestess. Such a sacred girl can certainly turn them on…I guess the costume plays a big role the most. And any priestesses must be virgin and innocent.



4. スク水萌え[sukumizu-moe]; スク水 is an abbreviation of スクール水着[sukuuru mizugi”swimming suit for school students’ use only]. Rather than any gorgeous bathing costumes, they are obssessed with midiocre スク水. I guess that’s because it could remind them of their schooldays somewhat…

5. アホ毛萌え[ahoge-moe]; See my previous post, please.

6. 委員長萌え[iinchou-moe]; 委員長 means a leader of the class(chairperson?). If you happen to have 委員長萌え, you would be obeident to him/her. Speaking of 委員長, I can think of Asakura-san in the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

7. 生徒会長萌え[seitokaichou-moe]; 生徒会長 means a head of the student council. I think this is very rare.

8. ツンデレ萌え[tsundere-moe]; See my previous post, please.

9. 無口系萌え[mukuchikei-moe]; 無口[mukuchi] means not to speak at all. A person who doesn’t talk much…is 無口系. 系 means a type of person here. Needless to say, Rei Ayanami[Evangelion], Yuki Nagato[the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi], Mai Kawasumi[Kanon], and Tabitha[Zero’s Familiar] are this type. Some people might say 綾波系[ayanami-kei] since Rei Ayanami is the first 無口系. Having said that, 綾波系 also means such an eccentric girl.

10. 病弱萌え[byoujaku-moe]; 病弱 means unhealthy, or a person who is easy to be sick. If a girl is stuck at a ward everyday, you would pay a visit her as much as you can. And she gets out of her ward to see you…and faints. Ah! That’s too cliched! I think Sakurako Sugimoto[Doukyusei 2] and Shiori Misaka[Kanon] are this type. In other words, you could also say 薄幸萌え[hakkou-moe]. 薄幸 means unfortune.

11. お嬢様萌え[ojousama-moe]; If she is so well-bred and posh, she would be お嬢様. Yes, any bishoujo anime have at least one girl who is this type. But I have been wondering why such a posh girl goes to the same school as a midiocre protagonist?

12. 妹萌え[imouto-moe]; 妹[imouto] means a younger sister. If you have 妹萌え, you like to be called お兄ちゃん[oniichan”bro”] for sure. I know some 妹系メイド喫茶[imoutokei meido kissa”youger sister cafe”] where girls who act as a younger sister work in place of maids. Yes, they say お兄ちゃん to address you, not ご主人様[goshujinsama”master”].

13. お姉様萌え[oneesama-moe]; If she is elder than you, she is お姉様. Here, お姉様 does not mean an elder sister, but an elder woman who good takes care of you.

14. ドジっ子萌え[dojikko-moe]; If she is so clumsy at anything, she would be ドジっ子[dojikko]. ドジ[doji] means stupid, dull, and a mistake and so on. If she works at company, she would spill a cup of tea in front of you, or put your confidential document into a shredder, not a copier. I can definitely think of Mikuru[the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi] and Miyuki[Lucky Star] for this type.

 I think I should keep writing about this evrerytime I find out a new item. Stay tuned, please.



  1. khursten said,

    Remember Satou-kuns “Ultimate Moe”? The mukuchikei, byoujaki, android, maido, etc. etc. etc. heroine. lol. I had such a laught with that one. Thanks for sharing this!

    I personally like them Tsundere. :3

  2. Avplaya said,

    Hmmm, I guess Miyuki from L*S could also qualify for 委員長萌え? Speaking of which, where’s めがねっこ萌え?

    As for 執事萌え, I’ve heard of term セバ萌え, for Sabastian, the generic term for butlers. Is that a common term?

    Man BL-kei have their own language now, even to rival you akiba-kei boys. I think I’m developing a case of 腐女子萌え…

  3. bangin said,

    khursten: Ah, android! That’s definitely a kind of moe. I can think of Saber(Fate) and possibly Rei Ayanami. When an android gets a heart or sheds a tear, it should be an ultimate form of moe for fans. :))

    Avplaya: Yes, Miyuki is a 委員長, so she can be. But she is wearing a glass, so she is qualified to be a 眼鏡っ子. Oh no, speaking of Miyuki, I remember one more item! I’m gonna add it above. Check it out the bottom soon, thank you. :))

    Let’s see…I heard of セバ萌え, but in fact it’s not that common yet(as far as I know). But I guess sooner or later it would be because now there’s two ongoing manga those use a butler named Sebastian as a protagonist; 黒執事[kuroshitsuji] and 戦う!セバスチャン[tatakau! Sebastian]. And also, there’s a butler cafe named Sebastian in Roppongi[Tokyo]…It is said that the first anime which used a butler named Sebastian is Heidi, Girl of the Alps…so any other anime and manga has started to bestow a name, Sebastian to a butler.

  4. Avplaya said,

    Thanks for the new terms… ドジっ子萌え is certainly big. I think personally I’m still 100% ツンデレ萌え…

  5. w said,

    I think I’m definitely ツンデレ萌え. Even for cats. It’s just so adorable!

    And maybe a few years back I had お姉さま萌え. Oh dear.

  6. bangin said,

    When I was a kid, I used to be a crazy fan of Hilda-sama in Saint Seiya. Come to think of it, I wonder if she is ツンデレ or お嬢様…I think I have had ツンデレ萌え all this time. :))

  7. V said,

    Pfff… many friends of mine have called me a “moe” (as in “dojikko”) because of some “cute clumsiness” or something… yeah, I’m clumsy, but not as happy 6_6…

  8. bangin said,

    To make a dojikko moe in real life is difficult because it is annoying if you do too much. People around you say so, you are making a nice dojikko.

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