The classification for 萌え[moe]

August 6, 2007 at 8:48 am (otaku word)

 Needless to say, 萌え[moe] is something you are obssessed with, or something turns you on right away when you see it.  So, I hereby mention some items of 萌え as far as I know.

1. メイド萌え[meido-moe]; There’s no need to explain this. A maid is generally known as a kind of 萌え even for non-otaku folks now. I have seen loads of salarymen lining up for the maid cafe after 5 o’clock.

2. 執事萌え[shitsuji-moe]; I think this is for 腐女子[fujoshi], not for アキバ系[akibakei]. If a maid cafe is so popular, there should be the exact opposite of it. Yes, what if butlers worked there? It should be a butler cafe. However, there’s not so many butler cafes yet.  I know at least one, but of course they are girls who dress up as a butler, not real.

3. 巫女萌え[miko-moe]; 巫女[miko] means a priestess. Such a sacred girl can certainly turn them on…I guess the costume plays a big role the most. And any priestesses must be virgin and innocent.



4. スク水萌え[sukumizu-moe]; スク水 is an abbreviation of スクール水着[sukuuru mizugi”swimming suit for school students’ use only]. Rather than any gorgeous bathing costumes, they are obssessed with midiocre スク水. I guess that’s because it could remind them of their schooldays somewhat…

5. アホ毛萌え[ahoge-moe]; See my previous post, please.

6. 委員長萌え[iinchou-moe]; 委員長 means a leader of the class(chairperson?). If you happen to have 委員長萌え, you would be obeident to him/her. Speaking of 委員長, I can think of Asakura-san in the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

7. 生徒会長萌え[seitokaichou-moe]; 生徒会長 means a head of the student council. I think this is very rare.

8. ツンデレ萌え[tsundere-moe]; See my previous post, please.

9. 無口系萌え[mukuchikei-moe]; 無口[mukuchi] means not to speak at all. A person who doesn’t talk much…is 無口系. 系 means a type of person here. Needless to say, Rei Ayanami[Evangelion], Yuki Nagato[the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi], Mai Kawasumi[Kanon], and Tabitha[Zero’s Familiar] are this type. Some people might say 綾波系[ayanami-kei] since Rei Ayanami is the first 無口系. Having said that, 綾波系 also means such an eccentric girl.

10. 病弱萌え[byoujaku-moe]; 病弱 means unhealthy, or a person who is easy to be sick. If a girl is stuck at a ward everyday, you would pay a visit her as much as you can. And she gets out of her ward to see you…and faints. Ah! That’s too cliched! I think Sakurako Sugimoto[Doukyusei 2] and Shiori Misaka[Kanon] are this type. In other words, you could also say 薄幸萌え[hakkou-moe]. 薄幸 means unfortune.

11. お嬢様萌え[ojousama-moe]; If she is so well-bred and posh, she would be お嬢様. Yes, any bishoujo anime have at least one girl who is this type. But I have been wondering why such a posh girl goes to the same school as a midiocre protagonist?

12. 妹萌え[imouto-moe]; 妹[imouto] means a younger sister. If you have 妹萌え, you like to be called お兄ちゃん[oniichan”bro”] for sure. I know some 妹系メイド喫茶[imoutokei meido kissa”youger sister cafe”] where girls who act as a younger sister work in place of maids. Yes, they say お兄ちゃん to address you, not ご主人様[goshujinsama”master”].

13. お姉様萌え[oneesama-moe]; If she is elder than you, she is お姉様. Here, お姉様 does not mean an elder sister, but an elder woman who good takes care of you.

14. ドジっ子萌え[dojikko-moe]; If she is so clumsy at anything, she would be ドジっ子[dojikko]. ドジ[doji] means stupid, dull, and a mistake and so on. If she works at company, she would spill a cup of tea in front of you, or put your confidential document into a shredder, not a copier. I can definitely think of Mikuru[the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi] and Miyuki[Lucky Star] for this type.

 I think I should keep writing about this evrerytime I find out a new item. Stay tuned, please.

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August 6, 2007 at 4:53 am (otaku word)


Now, even Haruhi video shows up!

Now, even Haruhi video shows up!

 This is not terminology for anime fans, but they do know what it is. Yes, パセラ[pasela] is a chain of karaoke. The reason why this is so popular among anime fans is, that it has far more songs than any other chains of karaoke since it equips all the types of karaoke such as Joysound, DAM, UGA, or U-kara. So I’m sure you can find any songs you want to sing no matter how minor it is. Also, what gets anime fans the most is its awesome video. Yes, some anime songs play with a certain video of the anime on the screen such as Evangelion, Gundam series, BLOOD+, Saint Seiya, Cowboy Bebop, Idolmaster, and so on(I can’t even count!). The number of anime video allowed to show, is increasing more and more. I really want them to get a lisence to show Haruhi video because currently there’s no Haruhi songs with its anime video available. That’s a shame.(つД`) But I hope it will come to pass.

 The sad thing is that those chains of the karaoke are in Tokyo only(of course there’s one in Akihabara)…so if you come to Tokyo, you should definitely give it a try.

 photo credit by Windbell

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